Apple - Is it possible to select which version of Swift to use in Xcode?

You have to migrate all your code to Swift 1.2 if you're using Xcode 6.3. If you go to Edit > Convert > To Latest Swift Syntax, it will help find many of the changes. However, there's still a lot of manual editing to do.

In the long run, it will serve you better to keep your Swift code at the latest version so that future migrations are easier and so that you can take advantage of future enhancements to the language.

You can select which version of Swift you'd like to use in Xcode 7.3 via the following: (Menu) XCode > Toolchains > (select your version)

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You can install multiple toolchains for Xcode to use - wrote a small how-to here:

TL;DR - Download & install old Swift toolchains from: