Visual Studio Code - delete all blank lines - regex

What also works is this regex pattern:


Then CTRL+Enter to replace all lines.

Explanation of the above pattern:

|  ^ | beginning of string anchor             |
| \s | any whitespace character               |
| '*'| zero or more repetitions               |
|  $ | end of string anchor                   |
| \n | new line                               |

Visual Studio Code 1.13.0 Linux Lite:

  • Hit CTRL+H
  • Select "Use Regular Expression"
  • Find box: ^(\s)*$\n (enter many ending \n as you need)
  • Replace box: empty
  • Click replace all

Empty lines gone!

For those who might be interested - what worked for me in version 1.3.1 (and still works in 1.33.1) to delete blank lines I used ctrl+h (find and replace) alt+r (Use regular expression)

In find box then:


In replace box:


This should make two consecutive end of line signs into one.


If you need to replace more empty lines (more than two) at once, you can use following regular expression in find box:


If you need to replace also empty lines with whitespaces, then you need to use following regular expression in find box:


VS code is using javascript regular expressions