VoiceOver pronunciation issue: "Live" "ADD"

Instead of using tips and tricks with capitals or doubled letters that currently work but may be obsolete in a future version of iOS or inconvenient with braille, I suggest to use the accessibilitySpeechIPANotation key inside an attributed string in order to define the appropriate phonetic sound (available since iOS11): this method is proven and will last in time.

Phonemes can be generated thanks to your mobile device settings:

  • iOS 13 +...: Accessibility - VoiceOver - Speech - Pronunciations.
  • iOS 12: General - Accessibility - Speech - Pronunciations.

The solution - at least for iOS 9.1 and newer - changing the capitalisation of the word also changes the pronunciation:

  • Live rhymes with five
  • live rhymes with give

I've been struggling with this for a while but I found out a simple solution... If you add another "L" letter to the "Live" string it will pronounce live as five.

Try this --> "Llive"